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Korporate Moves is a Pan India Services provider for your End to End requirements across Digital Branding and Human Resources requirements of Executive Search/ Hiring, Professional and Contract Staffing and Recruitment Processes Outsourcing.

Professional People Requirements – Identifying the Right Resources

  • Executive Search/ Hiring/ Recruitment
  • Professional & Contract Staffing
  • Recruitment Process Outscourcing

Digital Branding


  • Support involves Internal HR Branding, External Corporate Branding and Global Sales/ Pre – Sales Initiatives. Therefore aligning with the organizations Goals and Objectives, besides improving ROI.


  • Support involves Evaluating the Digital and Career Relevance besides Counseling. Assessing Requirements, which is most important because it enables formulating the best possible branding package. Therefore individual customization is done so that the individual is positively positioned.


Krishna Mudaliar

Founder – CEO

I strongly believe that every individual has inherent strengths and potential waiting to be identified and unleashed. Because of which I call myself “A Peoples Person”. Besides, People are the heart of businesses and the consumers for businesses, therefore using Digital Branding I enable people and businesses.

Founding Korporate Moves after 20 + years of multi – industry and multi – functional experience, I try therefore, to most importantly bring a synergistic fusion between my pet passions of People and Brand Management.

An avid blogger exploring a passion for Digital Branding and Effective Hiring and Staffing Solutions. Besides seeking feedback on New Initiatives, Views, Trends, Solutions and Ideas. Therefore aiming to achieve Korporate Moves Vision of “Enabling People and Organisations”. Besides, I try to share the market updates, pain points and possible solutions.

Our current internal volatile market conditions exacerbated by volatile global markets makes it most imperative and important for individuals and businesses to stay on top of their game. Companies are Laying of Employees, besides new skills are required to tackle disruptive technologies and reskilling oneself. Entire Industry Verticals are facing the prospect of bankruptcy, opening up of markets to the global forces are throwing up opportunities. How do we plug in and be in the right place at the right time.

Stay tuned as I research and dwell deeper into these and other pressing issues in my blogs.

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