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Do I need a Website to Build my Personal Brand?

Website for Personal Branding – C5

I created my website  a little more than three years ago. That was the time I had started taking interest and had started my research on Digital Marketing. If you ask me why Digital Marketing, I would not have had a sure answer at that point of time. I had just come back from a failed Big Data Product Start up venture, lost money and was drained mentally, physically and financially. The venture did not fail because of the marquee product, which was high tech and very new in the Indian market when we started, as was backed up by the fact that we were on SAP Hana’s top 200 Most Promising Global Technology Startups Program – 2014/15. It failed for a myriad of reasons, some in our control, and others out of our control.

Anyway, that is a detailed Case Study for another day.

I was at the bottom of the barrel, licking my wounds, depressed and feeling sorry for myself.

The one thing that had stuck with deep foundations in my mind was the power of Technology and the inevitable transition to a Digital World.

Coincidentally that was the time my daughter was exploring what she wanted to do and we did a basic “Introduction to Digital Marketing” course together in Digital Vidya. She went on to start her Digital Marketing career and I continued with my research while doing a niche Executive Search Business.

cover photo, Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, possible text that says 'LEARN DIGITAL MARKETING World's Largest DM Group 150k Members PIXELTRACK Digital Deepak Sanjay Shenoy'It was while I was doing my certifications with Google that I joined  and joined his Facebook page Learn Digital Marketing  when it was about ten thousand members. Since then it has grown to become the largest Digital Marketing group with members in excess of hundred and fifty thousand and growing continuously.

To cut a long story short, my unfinished website, lying idle for the last three years is now seeing the light of day, thanks to the Internship program I am attending, being conducted by Digital Deepak.  Please refer my earlier blogs for more details on this program.

Without meandering further, let me come back to the topic of this blog.

Why do you need Personal Branding? I have been researching and writing about this topic for the last few years and these can be read at

You undoubtedly have heard these questions in public as well as in your mind:

Why do I need a website?

I am a Career Professional, what difference is it going to make to my career?

I am a Freelancer; I get projects through my contacts or networking or from various Freelance sites. How is it going to change things for me?

I have a small business and or am an entrepreneur I know I need a website. But how am I going to make it work.

Many more questions would run through your mind depending on your situation and you will get all the answers and more on the internet.

Could solve your dilemma or make it worse!

The short answer to all this is simply – Yes, you need a website/ blog as your “Calling Card” if you want to reach out to the global digital world.

Then the next set of dilemmas, questions hit you!

How do I set up a website?

Where do I start?

What are the options?

How do I maintain and run it?

Most importantly – What am I going to do with it? Who is it going to be aimed at? So on and so forth.

The whole thought process and the amount of information available on the internet will make your head swim and before you know it you have become a student for life without reaping the benefits of all this knowledge!

You are not alone!

Hundreds and thousands of people are facing similar quandaries!

The key here is to say “enough is enough” and get down to making this knowledge work for you!

Make money for you!

These topics will be broken down and put into workable models in the blogs to follow. Stay tuned!

In summary, it would be safe to say that having your own website is a very potent tool for your Personal Branding.

It could enhance your career, augment your income, increase direct revenues for your business, get you quality freelance projects globally, be a part time source of income to fuel your interests and ambitions and much more.

A website is a critical ingredient in building your personal brand, not the only one, but still a very important tool to showcase what you are, while bringing in revenues.

It is important to think through the model which would be suited for and would reflect your “Personal Brand”

Go for it!

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