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Internship with India’s Leading Digital Marketing Guru – Deepak Kanakaraju (

Finding the Gold!

A few years ago, after a failed Big Data Product Start Up venture, I was drawn to Digital Marketing as it was growing phenomenally in leaps and bounds with the explosion of the Digital Medium. Doubts arose as I felt I had missed the boat and lost the chance to get first mover advantage. However that was the time I chanced upon Deepak’s Learn Digital Marketing Facebook group and curiosity made me get on the boat for whatever ride it had planned for me. The group was large by the standards few years back, closing on to ten thousand or so members. The phenomenal growth engineered by Deepak (  with his trademark “value to all” attitude and sincerity to genuinely help the layman learn got me hooked on. I did all his free courses and most of his paid courses, but it was more for learning for the sake of staying with trends and not pushed to monetize this knowledge until the Chennai DMC happened. The sheer magnitude of the event and the myriad business possibilities and opportunities shook me into action. I do not know if it was coincidence that I attended Deepak’s webinar where he launched the offer of “Internship” – it was more than an “Aha” moment and I was keen to participate even before he had even got to half way in his introduction! Knowing Deepak and his genuine interest to help people I knew the cost would be reasonable – but what he offered was mind blowing! Cash back only to perform consistently over the twelve week period – unbelievable that he is helping incentivize performance to help oneself – hats off Deepak!!!   

Learnings from Class 1:


  • Deepak started with an introduction to Global Economics, about the correlation to a Country’s Growth Vis a Vis its Populations Average Age, Debt, Recession, Demand for Value irrespective of the country’s Economic Situation. How the strong will survive and the weak will fail.
  • Communication and Writing being the key basic skills as they are the foundation of Content Creation – Content being King. The need for commitment to improve and master communication, with tips to execute the same, like – reading, podcasts, regular writing, English sitcoms etc.
  • He reinforced that the Future of Digital Marketing is very strong and will not die down as long as there are Needs and Products to satisfy those needs, which need to be marketed. How changing Consumer Behaviour is shifting to Digital and gave a formula “Digital Marketing = Technology + Marketing”.

Core of Digital Marketing:

  • Deepak went into great detail on his “Integrated Digital Marketing Model” and its key role to the success of a digital marketer. How “Content” is the Core – bolstered by SEO, Paid Advertising, Email Marketing and Social Media to Convert Leads and Generate Sales. He has created a fantastic model to encapsulate the critical components for success.

Finding the Gold:

  • Deciding where to Compete is Half your Success!! How true – Brilliant!! I am guilty of being one of the fence sitters who is continually absorbing knowledge but not putting it into action – this has forced me to take the first step in execution!
  • “Riches are in the Niches” – brilliantly said by one of the participants and immediately acknowledged and used by Deepak to highlight its significance.
  • Combining Talent and Passion to satisfy Market Opportunities is a Win Win situation.
  • Deepak further elaborated this point with some basic back of the envelope calculations.  

Importance and Uses for Market Research:

  • “Scratch your own Itch” – come up with solutions to your problems and monetize it solving other peoples similar problems – again win – win! Deepak gave his own example of, AWS etc.
  • Keyword Research – and its importance to not only identify needs and wants but identify “High Purchase Needs = Market Opportunity”.
  • Deepak introduced and demonstrated the use of Keywords Identification Tools like Adwords Keyword Tool, SemRush, Search Console, Uber Suggest, Answer the Public, Ahrefs, Moz and
  • Same tools to carry out the important task of Competitor Research to enhance business returns and strategies.
  • Google Trends – to explore what the world is searching, which topics are hot or not, competitor matching brand names, and topics across countries.

Conclusion – the most important Call to Action:

  • Assignment # 1: Article on Learnings from the Session.
  • Assignment # 2: Identify Three Niche Topics/ Five Keywords per Niche = Fifteen Keywords/ Nine Article Titles.

I would like to conclude that this “Call to Action” by way of Assignments is the piece de resistance of this Internship Program. It is an extremely rigorous “boot camp like” activity which forces one to put the thinking cap on, recap on the day’s learning – thereby reinforcing the learning and knowledge, practice what is being preached and most importantly in the whole process – getting a fix/ focus and creating a path for one to follow, experiment and eventually succeed!

To be brutally honest, I thought that this exercise could be done in no time. That is till the time I got to actually getting down to do it. It really was a rigorous process to put mind to what you want to achieve through this Internship, but the clarity of thought at the end makes it really worth it.

Looking forward to the rest of the classes, Thank You Deepak!!

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