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Building a Digital Brand Part 2 – Do’s & Dont’s of Blogging


I am back! Albeit after 20 days 🙂

LOL – I can visualize whoever has inadvertently stumbled upon this blog trying to figure out – who is this guy, when was he here, why was he here, what had he written and why is he back 🙂 My bad – and a really big bad at that!!!

I will bravely push on with a brief recap – I had started a blog series “Building a Digital Brand” as part of my communications strategy for my company Korporate Moves “” where building the Digital Brand for Businesses and Individual Professionals is a key product offering. To catch up on that article, please go to

The objective of this blog series is to highlight the importance of Branding in the Digital Space, be it for Businesses or for Individuals. Part 2 – this blog was supposed to try to explore the psyche of why people or businesses hesitate to Brand themselves or “nudge” their target audience by highlighting their USP’s. Twenty odd days back the Nobel Prize for Economics had not been decided, but little did I realize that Richard Thaler was to get the Nobel, (let alone who he was) – for his “Nudge” Psychological Insights in Economics and Irrational Decisions Making or something on those lines. Now, please don’t mistake me – I am not taking credit for Richard Thaler getting the Nobel for Economics 🙂 But I will definitely come back to this in one of my next few blogs!

But I realized before I start talking business, I need to acknowledge that the basics of Branding has to start with “Consistency”, “Pattern” and “Logical Flow” and in building my brand, I realized that I had stumbled at the very first Pillar – Consistency! A blog once in 20 days is a disaster in Branding! Being “Consistent” is basically the First Building Block and as such is a “Hygiene” or “Etiquette” – Standards block or Foundation for your Business or Personal Branding.  Let’s keep it simple – as the biggest threat to being Consistent is the Natural Tendency to complicate matters at hand by going all over the place chasing Opportunities or Dreams. Nothing wrong in that – But the need is there to ensure “Method in Madness”  🙂 !!!

So, first try to define “What You Are Passionate About” – whether it is your job or your business – if you are not passionate about it – you are going to make a hash of it! It’s very true that you may not always have a choice as it may be determined by circumstances or situations – understood. But that does not stop the dreams – and dream big – doesn’t cost money 🙂

Second – “How Are You Going To Go About Achieving It” – Aha !! Back to Terra Firma and it hurts 🙂 Yes, but the days of “be realistic”, “don’t take risks”, “be steady in what you do” ..etc are over. This is a new era – the Digital Era – anything and everything is possible. At Korporate Moves we have a Training Portfolio – “Metaphors in Management” – where one of the modules is on “Live Your Dreams – Entrepreneurship or Intrapreneurship” –  It is basically around the movie “Guru” – and revolves around the “Trigger” where Dhirubhai Ambani (This was way before the Digital or Even Analog Era) was supposed to have taken the decision to go back to India and work for himself – from stability to total risk – the “Trigger” being his promotion and realization – more on these Training Modules in another blog series of mine – coming shortly 🙂 !! So, think it through – and if you are really passionate – you will find a way however thorny and difficult! Believe in yourself!

We promised to keep it simple – The Dream has been Dreamed – The How I am Going to Achieve Has Also Been Somehow Defined – now finally – “What is the Plan”??? Good question – easy to ask 🙂 !!! Again, Again and Again – Believe In Yourself !!! If you are really passionate you will find a way – the most difficult dilemma is the ability to decide to take the plunge – if that is overcome you can put the rest in place. I recently read an Interview of Softbank Chairman Masayoshi Son on how he met and decided to fund Alibaba’s – Jack Ma. He says – Jack Ma had failed miserably in all the Interviews he had attended – had no business plan – but I funded him because I saw a passion and a potential Leader in him! Today Jack Ma is one of the richest men in Asia! Now all of us cannot become Jack Ma or Masayoshi Son – but the underlying key to success here is “Passion” – Believe in Yourself!

In my next blog, I will take up “Pattern” and “Logical Flow” the final two pillars of the First steps of Branding – Hygiene Factors and Etiquette to establish ground rules.

Please comment, ask queries,make suggestions and help me make this an Interactive and Mutually Beneficial Platform! See you in a few days time 🙂 !!!

Please visit “” – still work in progress so suggestions most welcome and also my Linked in site: “”

Thank You!!!

2 thoughts on “Building a Digital Brand Part 2 – Do’s & Dont’s of Blogging”

  1. Superb one Krishna….highly motivating…and very true that believing in self even in challenging times will help us sail through and succeed. Thank you 😊.

    1. Thank You Professor!
      Request you to please go through Part 1 as well as that explains the foundation for this series and would explain the flow.
      Would also request you to please give your suggestions from your Professorial Experience and Journey.

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