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I have just subscribed to the Word Press Premium Plan to build a Website and Blog for my company “Korporate Moves”, and the reason I am here is that I got overwhelmed and got lost and confused on my first day of trying to set up the site (please tell me that I am not the only one 🙂 ) and I promptly signed up for help on the Word Press University which as Day One Lesson has pushed me into the deep end and commit to writing my first blog and finally after much dithering and procrastination start my journey to try to achieve my goals. So thank you WP Univ!

I would like to start of with a brief introduction of what I do and why I am here and why I want to Blog. At Korporate Moves I offer three distinct verticals of Services:  Help Companies and Individuals build a Digital Brand. Second, help organisations with getting the right people at the right time through Executive Search/ Recruitment. And Third vertical is HR Consulting and Training to Optimize Organisation efficiency, systems and processes. The Second and Third Verticals are currently India centric, but am open for consultation if required for other Countries as well.

Basically in a nutshell – I am a People Person – a strong believer of the adage that everyone has some inherent strength that just requires to be mined and projected properly.

My blogs would primarily be focused on “Building the Personal Brand” and helping people and businesses put “their best foot forward” to market themselves. This niche pain point area is something I stumbled upon as a reflection of some of my personal experiences and realizations of how I could have had added leverage in my own professional career if I had projected my personal brand optimally. Most people step shy off – feeling it is wrong to overtly project their strengths and achievements openly – preferring to “let my work speak for itself” – which is fine, but is not enough as we tend to assume that we will be appreciated for what we are worth without realizing that our target audience has other things to also think about and may need a nudge and some hints of the “what we are and the what we can” 🙂 .  Being at the cutting edge pinnacle of technological excellence and product domination – why should Apple, Tesla, Facebook and Google advertise their products and services? Think about it!

Why I chose Digital? This is a very critical question as it links how I realized that I could  bring a synergistic fusion between my passion – People/ Brand Management and Work – the previous four years I had spent in a Big Data Start Up working in the SMAC Space – Social/ Mobile/ Analytics & Cloud space – where the full implication of the power of the Digital Social Media space became evident and I realized that my work and passion for People and Marketing could be leveraged optimally in a boundary less environment with unlimited potential.

The first step of my blogging journey has started and I have thoroughly enjoyed penning down some of my initial thoughts! I cant for the life of me figure out what fear of writing demons stopped me from doing so earlier – I guess it is that inherent fear of opening one’s thought and being rejected – similar to hesitating to openly build one’s personal brand.

I guess if you have reached this point – I should say – thank you for taking the time to read my blog! Request feedback on how I should go about – with least pain – putting up my website on WP – will tap the WP Community as well. Request feedback on this blog, its content, my objectives – basically on anything and everything related and how I can chart a successful path going forward. Looking forward to some feedback – thank you!

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